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Bonding Fic Recs

Hey all. Since the LJ version of this comm has fallen under the "Cone of silence", I can't get to ANY of the tagmarks there. So this post will serve for two things. One, to get me fics I can't get to, and two, so that new fans on DW can get those fics as well.

List of desires:

1: Sentinels and Guides are known
2: Sentinels and Guides Bond
3: Sentinels and Guides are equal
4: Sentinels and Guides have rituals to meeting

Any mix of these, all of these, one of these, doesn't matter. Oh, and the other part to consider.

5: Jim And Blair Pairing Primarily
6: Slash please!

So any suggestions?
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[Fic Search] Slash - Jim/Blair - Jim Touching Blair


Here's a fic I always lose: Jim starts touching Blair every time he comes home. At first, it's a hand on his shoulder or a kiss on the cheek then it's a hug and I won't spoil you further. This may have started because something tragic happened and Jim needs physical reassurance but I'm not sure. I don't remember anything beyond the progressive touching. Help, please?

Mods, what tags do you want for this?
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Hello, I'm your friendly moderator [personal profile] ancientsavvy! I am the moderator of the community of the same name on LJ as well. I'm trying to think of any way we could leverage the searches previously done on the LJ community without the ability to import the existing LJ community into this one. If anyone has any ideas or is willing to help moderate this community, please let me know!